"Being born into a musical family, singing and songwriting has always felt more like a birthright than something tried or sought after."     Zach Seibert

Maybe that's why E.Z. Shakes (a.k.a. Zach Seibert) comes by it so naturally. Brought up in a home where the focus at every holiday or family gathering  wasn't the food, but on everyone pulling out instruments and singing old country gospel tunes. "Grandad would pull out his Hummingbird guitar and Grandma would sit next to him behind the old upright piano. Most of the aunts, uncles and even some of us kids would pull out more guitars, mandolins, banjo, etc. Then, one right after another the songs would come; and one right after another we'd all fall in singing. I wouldn't know how to sing harmonies, play guitar or love Jesus without that legacy."

After living in Illinois, New Orleans, Florida and Virginia he finally landed in Columbia, South Carolina where, over the following 13 years he'd release several recordings under the band names Due East, Westbank, Spooklight and The Red Wagon including a few solo endeavors. "I was a wreck personally." he reflects "Every band I put together was full of good players and people I love,  but I'm pretty sure I sabotaged myself and the bands by being wishy washy, not to mention having drug and alcohol dependency issues.... I guess they go hand in hand." 

Well, I guess all that worked to his favor because the songs are stronger than ever. With writing that's never tired or cliche in content he offers something fresh and honest, gritty and gutsy in an industry saturated in the synthetic. With themes exploring our human condition, he sings about heartbreak and addiction in the same breath as forgiveness and redemption. It's almost like there's a dark gospel narrative underneath all the songs like a Mississippi River undertow, calm on the surface but violent and determined just a layer below. When asked about his songwriting and what constitutes a good song, Seibert gives an ornery smile and says "There's nothing more powerful than the truth."

With a new vision and fresh conviction E.Z. Shakes was formed in early 2017. Comprised of singer/songwriter Zach Seibert and pedal steel player Todd T. Hicks, E.Z. Shakes recorded their first e.p. in August of the same year (2017) and were joined shortly thereafter by guitarist John Furr, drummer Stan Gardner and bassist Jim Taylor. In the following two years they recorded their debut record "The Wolf" and two follow up e.p.s 'Eyes on Fire" and "Summer Cut". On October 9th, 2020, in the middle of a pandemic they released their sophomore record "The Spirit".