Ridgeway County Fair

Magnolia Farm , 631 Longtown Rd, Ridgeway, South Carolina 29130

We are excited to bring to you the First Annual Ridgeway Country Fair presented by Woodshed Archive and sponsored by Magnolia Farm Lodge, Brice’s Country Store, and other local businesses.

Join us for a weekend of recording and workshops kicking off Friday night Sept 22 with music, campfire picking, singing, and dancing while we get the camp set up for the weekend. The fair will continue on Saturday to enjoy artisan workshops, community recording sessions, yoga, vendors, and to explore the working farm. This is a great opportunity to learn about the history of the area and to be part of the future vision of the Woodshed Archive and the Ridgeway communities.

After the daytime fair winds down on Saturday, it’s time to kick off the entertainment phase of the all day party with the first band, E.Z. Shakes at 4pm. Around 5pm, a box dinner (BBQ Sandwich/Black Bean Burger) prepared by Brice’s Country Store will be available for a small fee while the bands continue to play at the Barn Stage, ending with featured artist Larry Keel Experience!

While Larry Keel Experience is scheduled to conclude at 9:30pm, feel free to stick around for campfire picking and camaraderie on into the night. There is plenty of room for camping and we even have a limited amount of space available in the lodge for those who like their camping experience to include a roof and a fully equipped kitchen in the morning.

Music Schedule

Friday: TBA – 8:30 Devils in Disguise – 7:00

Saturday: Larry Keel Experience – 7:30 Danielle Howle Band – 6:00 Mustache Brothers – 5:00 E.Z. Shakes – 4:00

The Woodshed Archive Community has chosen to focus primarily on music created in the Southeast US because of the multitude and melting pot of cultures who populate this region. Artists are selected to perform Woodshed Archive sessions because of their relevance and ability to share our culture with current and future generations. It’s more than just the music or a song; it’s about conveying who we are now and where we came from.

With that mission and vision in mind, Patrick Chapman, Todd Hicks, LJ Errante, and Zachariah Jones will coordinate setup to collect as many community recordings as possible over the weekend to submit to the Woodshed Archive Collection and Community Radio Station. If you believe you know an individual or small acoustic group who should be included in the collection, please email our Artisan in Residence Committee to let us know why and to set up a time for a session. We will have limited slots available for recording so please get back to us soon by emailing with your suggestions!

Ticket Prices:

Friday Only (Field Camping Included) – $15 Saturday Only (Field Camping Included) – $20 Friday & Saturday (Field Camping Included) – $30 Indoor “Camping” at Magnolia Farm Lodge – $ 10/night


Danielle Howle Discovering New Mexico Artisan Community Field Recording Techniques with Patrick Chapman Yoga for families Saturday and Sunday Morning by Leslie Green Stay tuned for more activities to be announced