He offers up something fresh and honest, gritty and gutsy in an industry saturated in the synthetic”

E.Z. Shakes

E.Z. Shakes (a.k.a. Zach Seibert) rests securely among the giants of the singer songwriter genre. Born with the birthright and marinated in the mud of the deep South, Shakes' musical roots inch their way down and deep in the substratum of American music. Joined by family members Todd T. Hicks (pedal steel), John Furr (electric guitars), Stan Gardner (drums/percussion) and Jim Taylor (bass guitar). Who, in their own way, create a soundtrack of our lives. Dark but forgiven, noisey but sweet, always struggling in moving forward and most of all authentic.  

Taking cues from the psych country era of the late 60s and early 70s, We shake the dust off and give it a new identity by layering contemporary rock n roll song structures and stylings while illuminating the grit of our human condition. 

“Rock and roll may not be dead but it’s getting sick” - Larry Norman

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